Viora Skin Rejuvenation

Turn Back Time with Viora Skin Treatments!

Viora utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) to boost your own skin cells (fibroblasts) to increase collagen production. This will improve skin laxity over the time of the number of treatments. RF can also target stubborn fat under chin and jowls.

Viora can treat the following:

  • diminish dark circles under the eyes by producing more collagen
  • jowls: reducing fat and firming of the skin of the jowls
  • improve laxity of the face especially around lips and naso-labial folds
  • improve vertical lip lines
  • tightening of skin folds in the neck (turkey neck)
  • circumferential fat reduction and skin tightening of jawls (REFIT and RELIFT protocol)
  • improve old look and laxity of the skin around smile lines

These are non-invasive in-office treatments with little or no downtime. Each appointment lasts about 1 hour.

Please call our office at 719-574-2417 for a consultation.