CEREC® Same Day Crowns

CEREC is the ultimate, TOP of the line, AI-assisted digital dentistry at Oasis Prosthodontics.

CEREC® / Same Day Crowns

This high-tech process allows us at Oasis Prosthodontics to image (scan) intra-orally teeth that need crowns or bridges or dental implants and then AI-assisted process allows us to customize beautiful all-ceramic (lithium di-silicate or zirconia) restorations using CAD/CAM design software.

We have capability to then mill, sinter and crystallize, stain and glaze final restorations at the same visit.

These highly esthetic all-ceramic restorations are fully customizable for each and every patient from shape of interproximal contacts to shape of cusps and incisal edges and line angles.

Our office’s commitment to our patient is also fully customizable shape and length of the teeth and also custom color and shade of the final crowns. We take extra time to customize color of the crowns so they look as close to surrounding teeth with correct translucency.