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Anew Smooth Threads

Anew Smooth threads is used to help smooth crepey, wrinkled skin with the addition and replacement of elastin and collagen. This is administered to damaged areas and can restore a healthy foundation to your skin.

With the use of sterile hypodermic needles preloaded with an absorbable PDO suture thread which is absorbable and will build your own natural collagen and give you glowing skin through biostimulation.

What Happens to The Threads?

The thread is completely absorbed within about four to six months for results that can last up to twelve to twenty-four months. The Anew Lift and Smooth Threads are very often used with dermal fillers. As well as platelet rich plasma (PRP). They create a scaffold under your skin which provides multiple short and long-term benefits.

There are 2 ways that the Anew PDO ThreadLifts work.

  1. By building your own collagen through the body’s natural healing process.
  2. By creating biostimulation so your skin develops better blood flow which will tighten your skin and improve the skin texture and look.

Anew Smooth

Place under the skin in a hashtag pattern, Anew Smooth – Smooth threads brings back the lost blood flow to the area which will repair and tighten skin. It will also build collagen to the specific area. The threads will build a solid foundation for collagen production providing natural and amazing results.

Anew Lift

Used to produce an immediate and visible result, Anew Lift – Lifting threads reduce the visible result of sagging skin which will over time get much better. Designed to pull up and re-drape the skin Lifting threads are designed to restore a beautiful V shape to your face. While at the same time providing the benefits of smooth threads. The intent is to give you the immediate benefit that increase over a 6-month period.

Reverse Gravity

Reverse the prolonged impacts of gravity with natural results from Anew Lift. Marina Funtik and her team at Oasis Prosthodontics can help renew your face and give you a new lease on life. A non-surgical answer to sagging skin. Using PDO treads and dermal fillers, it lifts and smooths.

Embedded threading is a treatment that includes the utilization of PDO, polydioxanone, sutures that are infused into the hypodermis of the skin, giving a lifting and smoothing impact. The different string lengths give the Doctor a wide scope of treatment choices, that break down in a reliable and characteristic way over a course of months, while orchestrating new collagen generation in the treated zone. This treatment enables the skin to introduce smooth and splendid, bringing about less wrinkles consequently improving the skin's general surface and energy.

The PDO threading treatment is very easily endured by patients, and there is no requirement for anesthesia.

The availability of PDO (Polydioxanone) threading at Skin Renewal centers is growing rapidly due to the success and popularity of the treatment. As well as the great results it provides. Contact Oasis Prosthodontics today for more information or to schedule an appointment!