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Dr. Marina Funtik Pays it Forward to a Local Hero

Dr. Funtik and Straumann salute National Prosthodontics Awareness Week honoring local nurse and activist with a new smile!

Colorado Springs - We all have that one person in our life, the one person who is always doing something to help other people but will never accept any help themselves. That is exactly who Erika is. Her primary job is a nurse, a job that requires long hours and a glowing personality. Those that know Erika say she brings a smile to her patients every single day. But on top of a full time job, Erika uses her extra time making Colorado Springs a better place. Her list of contributions is a long one: she and her husband, Silas, are both involved in the local LGBT community; they have served as spokespersons for marriage equality, participated in “Get Out the Vote” efforts as well as trying to find a way to end homelessness.

They do all this in addition to raising their two kids, Jack, 13, and Wren, 3. “She is a mother who gives all to her children and the betterment of their future and the world they will live in,” said Silas. “For them she would do anything, yet for herself that is not always the case.” Despite everything Erika has done for the people and the community around her, she has had some hardships in life. “She was devastated when she lost a tooth that simply could not be saved,” said Silas. “She felt like she had lost her smile.”

But now, thanks to Dr. Marina Funtik at Oasis Prosthodontics Erika will finally be getting a smile that will reflect who she is on the inside. Thanks to the donation from Straumann, the largest dental implant company in the world and the leading provider of solutions in implant dentistry, Dr. Marina Funtik will be able to give Erika her smile back through implants.

“Oasis Prosthodontics Team volunteers with Colorado Mission of Mercy yearly, helping Coloradans. This time, we are helping one of our own, a longtime patient of our practice. It feels amazing to be a surgical Prosthodontist and be able to offer both implant solutions to our own patients as well as pay it forward to deserving people like Erika. We love being part of their lives and making them ever so slightly better”, says Dr. Funtik. 

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