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Have you always wanted to have the perfect smile but cringe at the preceived pain and cost that you assume it comes with? You may be surprised that, even as an adult, perfecting your smile doesn’t have to involve braces or retainers, and it doesn't have to hurt, or cost a fortune.

Invisalign are clear aligners made of polyurethane plastic that you can use—and remove. Millions of people have benefited from the use of this technology, and they have received improved smiles, and it was all relatively quick, easy, and painless. Below are ten of the most common benefits that people find when choosing to use this method.

  1. Invisalign treatment takes less time. With weekly adjustments to your aligners, you can have a better smile in less time—up to 50 percent less. That means you can get back to life and to being your normal self quicker.
  2. It works for many different types of patients. You may think your teeth can’t be helped by Invisalign, but with Invisalign trays created from innovative material like SmartTrack, even complex cases can be helped, including crossbites. So don’t assume anything, no matter what your situation is you should schedule a consultation to see if this technology can give you a better smile.
  3. Clear aligners are much more comfortable. One major pain of using other methods of teeth straightening is the irritation they cause to the mouth and gums. The thing about Invisalign is that there are no broken wires or brackets that can cause discomfort to your mouth. The aligner trays are smoother and more flexible, leaving your mouth in much better shape.
  4. Invisalign is convenient. Unlike braces which are cemented onto your teeth, Invisalign aligners can be removed, which makes brushing and flossing your teeth a lot easier. In fact people who get traditional braces take a lot longer to brush, taking up to half an hour. With Invisalign, you’ll be able to clean your teeth much more easily. You’ll also be better able to keep the aligners clean since you can simply take them out of your mouth and wash them.
  5. You can eat what you want. Getting food stuck in your teeth and braces can be quite a hassle, but you can eat whatever you want with Invisalign, since the aligners are removable. Simply take out the aligners, eat, and if you need to floss, then you can do so before placing the aligners back in.
  6. They look better. We all know how important it is to look good, even as adults. Because of their almost invisible appearance, Invisalign is a much better look than metal braces or retainers. If you have teens they will appreciate this benefit, but really, don’t we all? When speaking to people you’ll feel a lot more confident and a lot less self-conscious.
  7. Teeth grinders will have better protection. Teeth grinding is often caused by stress, or by a sleep disorder, because it usually occurs during sleep. Grinding on a regular basis can cause damage to your teeth, and make your jaw sore when you wake up. In this instance, Invisalign can act as nightguards, helping to protect your teeth.
  8. You’ll spend less time in the dentist office. Going to the dentist office for braces adjustments can be a difficult, both to your mouth and to your schedule. With Invisalign, you’ll only need to come in to see the dentist once every four to six weeks. That allows you to spend less time driving to and from the dentist office, as well as sitting in the dentist’s chair.
  9. You can speak more easily with Invisalign. With traditional braces, it can take a little bit of time to get used to speaking properly again. The adjustment period for Invisalign is much shorter—many times, it takes less than a week. If you’re still adjusting to the aligners and have a special occasion, you can remove them you’re done with your event.
  10. Invisalign works! Because of SmartTrack material, which provides gentle yet constant control of tooth movement, and SmartForce features, Invisalign has provided millions of people with a beautiful smile. That kind of data is not available with any other clear dental aligner.

Invisalign is usually covered by orthodontic insurance plans, so not only do you get all the above benefits but it’s more than likely that your insurance plan will cover them. It’s always best to check with your insurance provider first. If you’re interested in learning more if Invisalign contact Oasis Prosthodontics in Colorado Springs for an appointment at (719) 574-2417. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!