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One of the most commonly missing teeth is a lateral incisor. When good space is left after braces, we can utilize implants and porcelain crows to design a new and a brighter smile. The implant choice in this case was Straumann Roxolid®️, one of the strongest and highest quality implants on the market today.

Invisalign tooth straightening can achieve better bite alignment, better esthetics and in this case it improved TMD pain patient had due to his bite. Dr. Funtik employs many ways to improve TMD, Invisalign is just one of them. Actual photo of Dr. Funtik's patient who used to have TMD.

November 19, 2020
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Zirconia porcelain can be used to correct uneven smile due to tooth size discrepancy left and right sides. In this beautiful patient the result we wanted to achieve is a more esthetic symmetrical smile. Botox and Juvederm also decreased smile wrinkles.