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October 23, 2020
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Complete!!! 3-phase smile reconstruction project for one of our great patients is completed. All work done by Dr. Marina Funtik at Oasis Prosthodontics. 
Phase #1 involved aligning patient's teeth with Invisalign®
Phase #2 was done as a surgical procedure called crown lengthening to expose esthetic smile and reduce 'gummy smile' 
Phase #3 was done with ceramic crowns to rebuild what was lost and worn out

Call our office for a consultation with Dr. Funtik who will customize your smile with the right solution. 

Viora uses RF (radiofrequency) to reduce fat in treated area and at the same time stimulates collagen production and promotes skin tightening.
Jaw line and under chin fat pad is perfect area to treat with VIORA RE-LIFT ™protocol. VIORA RE-LIFT ™ is a combo treatment of fat reduction and skin tightening. It uses both V-FORM and V-ST handpieces at perfectly spaced time intervals to help body stimulate collagen and reduce fat in specific area and sculpt the jaw line.

Call our office 719-574-2417 for VIORA consultation!